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mBot is a basic robot that can be used to teach steam education for beginners, it makes robot programming simple and fun. With provided instruction manual students or children can build a robot from scratch. This will help them learn about robotics, electronic components as well as different machines and mechanism. With this we can also teach them block based coding and help them to improve logical thinking.


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mBot Ranger

mBot Ranger is just like mBot but bit advanced version.

  • Land Raider

                  With Land Raider you can go anywhere weather it's a rock or sand or terrain you can run on any surface and with optical sensors it can avoid all the obstacles that comes in its way. 

  • Dashing Raptor

                   With Raptor you can experience the super speed and with fast speed it can also follow line. It is a great fast line follower. 

  • Nervous Bird

                    This is a self balancing two wheel robot. so it's great to play with.

All above can be use for STEAM education purposes.

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Here we represent The Ultimate 2.0 with advanced programmable robot kit. This kit is compatible with Arduino based coding and chip. This kit contains 550 mechanical parts. And this has electronic modules for 10 custom robots. You can also use this parts,modules and components to design and make completely new robot.

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