Coding and Programming!

Coding and programming explained



Just like us humans, machines also have their own language to communicate with - this is commonly referred as “code”. CODE is a set of instructions that computers can understand.



Programming is the art of constructing or writing code. A set of code can be referred to as a “program”. Every machine and app that we use is driven by various programs. Our phones, computers and smart tv’s could not operate without code.

In today’s digital age and rapidly changing tech world, programming is becoming more and more essential in any field of work.

Benefits to students

  1. Computational Thinking - Gives them the ability to communicate in a structured and logical way. It also involves considering a problem and breaking it down in a single-action step in the most efficient way possible.
  2. Out of the box thinking - students’ creative and fluid minds allow them to think more out of the box. Endless ways of coding and solving problems can help students grow.
  3. More detailed-oriented - Learning a code requires attention to detail and precision which helps students to become more focused and detail oriented.
  4. Algorithmic thinking - It is the ability to define clear steps to solve the problem or task. It helps students to think of solutions as step-by-step procedure.
  5. Learn perseverance - it helps students learn to persist if what they are creating is not working. They are compelled to analyze what is not working and figure out a way to correct it until it works.