Yantrah completes its first workshop!

We did it! We got through our first ever workshop. This week and the weeks leading up to it have been filled with endless late nights working towards our first ever workshop. The workshop ran from Monday - Saturday at Dayalji Ashram in Surat from 1pm - 4pm and focused on 3D printing and robotics.

Our workshop was curated in such a way to highlight how 3D printing and more importantly 3D design linked back to robotics. While technology was at the forefront of our workshop, it was the learning themes that underpin the workshop that we at Yantrah are most proud of. Improved communication, logical thinking and problem solving were key aspects of the learning experience.  Beyond the workshop we want our students to be able to continue the learning experience they started with us. That is why we use open source technologies. The students can easily access the various softwares we used in our sessions and keep practicing at home. We didn't want to limit their learning experience. Transferability of skills was important to us.

Like most things in life, things don't always go to plan. Our workshop was no exception. It was day one and we didn't have our projector with us in time and we were one team member down, with another team member sorting out our projector. Having said that, day one was still an amazing day! While we were exhausted at the end of it, it was so satisfying seeing the smiles on the children's faces and knowing how quickly they were able to pick things up and were so engaged. With day one behind us the rest of the week flew by. We were astonished at the progress we could see in the children and were extremely proud that we were able to play a part in their learning experience. 

With one week down, we still have 3 more batches to go of our 3D printing and robotics workshop and we are super excited about that. We know we can make a positive impact in the lives of children that come to our workshops. We see our workshops as a great investment in the learning experience of all that attend and hope that their journey's with technology continue!

We have spots available in our upcoming workshop. Check out our website or for more details. Please continue to support us and hop on over to instagram and follow us there and like our facebook page.

Thanks from Team Yantrah!

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