What happens when four MIT students work with a Michelin-starred chef?

Four robotics obsessed engineers teamed up with Michelin-star chef Daniel Boulud to provide a ‘culinary excellence, elevated by technology’. A passion for robotics and a desire to make healthy meals more affordable resulted in the creation of a one of kind restaurant called Spyce in Boston. The salad restaurant uses seven autonomous woks to prepare meals, but also still employs human workers to prepare ingredients and add garnishings and the finishing touches to meals.

Robot Kitchen


So how does all of this work? Customers enter in their order into a kiosk. The ingredients for the order are then dispensed through tubes and collected by a box shaped machine termed the ‘runner’. This box slides back and forth delivering the ingredients to the appropriate wok to be cooked. Induction heating technology is used to cook the food. The wok itself works a bit like a dryer tumbling the food around for 2 minutes. Once the food is cooked, the wok tips the food into a bowl and the staff takeover from there to provide the final product. The tech doesn’t stop there though, the wok turns downwards and cleaned with a blast of hot water before getting back into position to cook again! Pretty neat huh?!

Robotic Kitchen

Source: Xconomy, Spyce


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