Welcome from Yantrah!

Hello Yantrah Community!

Welcome to our first ever blog post. We are super excited to get started on this new journey with you. We will regularly keep you informed with what Team Yantrah is up to lately and what is happening in the world of 3D printing, robotics, coding, stem and all things technology and education.

For now, the team has been super busy getting ready for our first ever vacation workshop that starts next week. While the workshop centers around 3D printing and robotics, students also learn about programming, electronics and design and get a hands on experience.

At Yantrah we are all about hands on experiences. Why is this? Because we believe the learning experience for children is enriched when they get to dive in and handle the technology themselves rather than being simply told how something works and left at that. At a much deeper level Yantrah wishes to do more than just teach about such technologies and processes. Our workshop is structured in such a way that students build on various skills without even realising! Students work on their communication skills, creativity, logical thinking and problem solving to just name a few.

See you again soon

Team Yantrah

P.S We have a demo class for parents 4 - 5 May from 2pm to 4pm. Come check out what your children could be learning with us!  

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