Tic - Tac - Toe anyone?

Physical rehab isn’t exactly something that people enjoy. People go through it because they have to do it not because they want to.  Self training is a crucial part of rehab plans, but is said to have compliance rates as low as 30%. In an attempt to motivate, boost engagement and increase physical exercise among patients, robotics is being used to gamify exercise routines.

Shelly Levy-Tzedek is leading a team to do just that with the use of a robot arm. The arm plays tic-tac-toe with you using cups to encourage repetitive reaching and grasping, all while keeping you focused on beating the robot. The robotic arm has also been used to play the ‘mirror game’ where the robot leads and the patient follows. This game allows the robot to extend the movements the patient has to follow incrementally. The ability to track the performance of patients is an added bonus! Future iterations are hoped to provide this is real time. For more details check out the source article here.


Source: IEEE Spectrum

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