The robot that runs, jumps and even back flips!

Meet Atlas! You may have stumbled across a video of Atlas doing the rounds in the last week and rightly so. Atlas isn't exactly your normal robot. It is considered to be the worlds most dynamic humanoid (robot that has features resembling a human). The robot is designed by Boston Dynamics, who specialises in robot design and aims to change our view of what robots can do. 

Boston Dynamics has the following to say about Atlas:

'The Atlas hardware takes advantage of 3D printing to save weight and space, resulting in a remarkable compact robot with high strength-to-weight ratio and a dramatically large workspace.  Stereo vision, range sensing and other sensors give Atlas the ability to manipulate objects in its environment and to travel on rough terrain.  Atlas keeps its balance when jostled or pushed and can get up if it tips over.'

We think Atlas is pretty remarkable! How about you?!

Source: Boston Dynamics

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