Masta Box: The world's first fidget controller gadget

Fidget toys can be fun, but how could they be more practical? Masta Box has the answer! 

Inspired by the fidget cube, the Masta box takes the fidget cube to the next level by adding some pretty useful functionality to it. It is a universal bluetooth contrioller that allows you to do several things. Perfect for both play and work! Here are its functions:

AirMouse - Featuring a handhled trackball that you can easily control with your thumb, with left/right click functionality

Joy Stick - Capable of remote controlling music and video players

Presenter -  Enables easy movement between slides and features a laser pointer

MicroSD Slot  - Supports upto 128 GB storage

They are currently running a campaign on Kickstarter to go from prototype to mass production.

Source: Kickstarter

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