Introducing TInker Toolbox!

As a part of Arduino day, we today are proud to announce that we will be launching Tinker Toolbox soon. Tinker Toolbox is a hands on kitset with 3D printed parts and components like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Each edition comes with a unique model to make, that makes learning about robotics and coding fun and interesting. Our first edition is an Arduino based rikshaw which we have aptly named Duikshaw! 
The Toolbox is our way to help promote a 'maker' culture here in India. In the true maker spirit we have kept Duikshaw open source so that our fellow makers can 3D print and remix it for themselves! The files for the 3D printed parts will be made available on Thingiverse and we will have an Instrucables up, as well as the code available on GITHUB. To take things a step further our instruction manual will also be available not only in English but also in Hindi and Gujarati in an attempt to reach a wider audience of makers.
We live in a time where autonomous cars are becoming a reality. And we were over seeing the usual very mechanical looking line follower robots. With this is mind and a desire to do something with a bit of an Indian twist, we created Dwikshaw. We really hope you will like it!
Stay tuned for updates and the official launch. So #letstinker

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