Happy World Education Day!

Yantrah Edutech - World Education Day - Krupal Patel

On this second World Education Day we celebrate learning for people, the planet, prosperity and peace; highlighting the integrated nature of education. 

At Yantrah Edutech we are all about equipping students with the tools necessary to stay relevant in this age of rapid change and technology. Age shouldn't be a barrier and that is why we start as young as standard 5, teaching students concepts of 3D printing, 3D design and robotics. There is no doubt that technology is such an integral part of life and society these days, making it more crucial to learn about it.

Yantrah Edutech - World Education Day - Krupal Patel

Students are curious by nature, and we love seeing them explore this curiosity. We love to open up their world to new possibilities. One such student named Krupal Patel, who is currently in Std 11 has been working with us for almost two years, firstly through his school, and then on his own accord making things like his own drone and CNC router. He took the fundamental skills we taught him in school to explore 3D printing, coding and technology further. He has gone on to make his own 3D designs and even print on his own. He has grown in confidence as he makes mistakes and learns from them, helping him troubleshoot and be a better 'maker'.

We recently took him to a Science Fair in Bhilad where he could show off his CNC plotter and how it works. At the fair he was able to inspire other young 'makers'! We are so proud of how has taken advantage of what he has learnt with us to excel further and look forward assisting him with his future creations! 

Yantrah Edutech World Education Day


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