Chocolate 3D printer...Yes please!

Normal chocolate making requires the use of molds which can be a task in itself to make and results in limited shapes that can be achieved. That is where chocolate 3D printers come in. What a traditional mold cannot achieve can be more easily done with the use of a 3D printer.

Featured image of Chocolate 3D Printer – All You Need to Know

The traditional chocolate making method is still best for mass production, but for those looking to make something a bit more experimental, a chocolate 3D printer could be your answer!

A chocolate 3D printed by Hershey.

Chocolate 3D printers use melted chocolate stored in cartridges that us extruded with a syringe. It works in a similar way to normal FDM printers in that it prints in layers.

Chocolate 3D printing in action.

Printing with chocolate comes with a number of complexities especially if different types of chocolate are used. The properties of chocolate vary between different types such as milk, white and dark, meaning that the way it extrudes and cools is also different. Regardless, we reckon its pretty neat that you can print with chocolate!


Source: All3DP

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