Attention all stargazing enthusists!

Astronomy meets mobile technology in this new device that will transform the way you stargaze. Hiuni has developed a smart telescope that pairs up with mobile devices. Users are able to simply turn on the telescope and explore the universe from their phones. The telescope can navigate itself so you don't have to.

What was the motivation behind this product? Jack Chen, Hiuni's CEO and founder had the following to say. "Everyone remembers that first time they looked through a telescope as a child. We set out to recreate that feeling for the connected generation and breathe new technological innovation into a centuries-old invention."

The app is more than just an eyepiece for the telescope, it has games and challenges and also enables photos to be captured and shared. The product isn't available in the market just yet but is available for pre-order on kickstarter - check it out for more details on the product. It seems pretty neat! What do you think?!


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