An AI "butler" and robotic furniture

Robotic furniture that drops from the ceiling and controlled by an AI "butler". What's going on here?!

You heard correctly. In an attempt to create more floor space in apartments, tech startup Bumblebee Spaces has designed modular furniture and storage spaces that can descend from and retract into ceilings. The use of technology doesn't stop there. With the use of AI, as items are placed in storage, they are scanned and their location tracked in anticipation of the user's needs. Your very own AI "butler" that does the retrieving for you!

"It knows where you've stored all your stuff and if you're on the way out your car keys, your shoes, whatever you need comes down. If its going to be raining your umbrella comes down.", said Bumblebee Spaces co-founder Sankarshan Murthy.

This concept allows for multi-functional areas where a room can be a living space by day and a bedroom by night!


Source: Dezeen

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