Airbags for your phone...

The moment you drop your phone can be a terrifying time. Is that the end of your phone? Is the screen smashed? Or is it just a few scratches?

An engineer at Aalen University in Germany, Philip Frenzel made a clever phone case that acts as a airbag. This idea even won him the top award from the German Society of Mechatronics.


While he initially did play around with having an airbag mechanism, Frenzel settled on using springs that are activated by sensors that detect when the phone is in free fall. The case uses eight thin metal curls that protects the edges of the phone by curling upwards once activated.

Frenzel has applied for a patent, so we will hopefully be hearing more about the product once it hits the market! 

Would you use one of these cases?

Source: Tech Crunch

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