3D printing meets film cameras!

In a not so distant past, many of us used film cameras. With the rule of all things digital, these days film cameras are a rare sight. That is where Lex comes in.

Source: Lex                          Source: Lex


Lex is a first of its kind camera that has a 3D printed body that allows E-Mount lenses to be attached to them and uses 35mm film. Lex’s creator Alexander Gee has been working on the prototype for over a year now and has plans for it to be an open source project upon its release! Two key elements we at Yantrah love about the Lex is that is designed to a build it yourself camera that is simple with the help of a 3D printer and soldering iron; and is also intended to be customisable. “I’d love to see others pick this project up and run with it” Gee said.

                           Source: Lex

So what prompted Gee to create Lex? “There is a particular aesthetic to shooting on film that gets lost when you use digital cameras”, Gee said. “Like most people, I’m not shooting on film every day. My daily driver is a Sony A9. But sometimes I want to be able to use the lenses I can use with that camera with film emulsions”.

                          Source: Lex


Check out the more photos from the development process on their website here!

Source: CNET

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