3D printed housing communities are coming!

Dutch based firm Van Wijnen is currently working on building  the worlds first  community of 3D printed houses. The first five houses are expected to be in the market next year.

Using 3D printing to build the houses solves the problem of the shortage of bricklayers in the Netherlands. This is also expected to reduce costs and environmental damage with the reduced amount of cement required for the build. The printer is a huge robotic arm with a nozzle that lays out the cement. Some believe this may revolutionise the construction industry.

The homes will be printed offsite to start with and then later brought to their final destination. The houses have been designed to look a bit like large boulders in a garden.

The company is already looking at how people can design their own homes and get them printed! They also think that the use of 3D printers in construction will become mainstream within 5 years.

We are pretty excited about this, would you want to live in a 3D printed house?!

Source: The Guardian

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